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Welcome to official site of  Shri. Mhasoba Maharaj Mandir. Mhasoba maharaj belived to be an incarnation of Lord Shiv Shankar. Shri. Mhasoba Maharaj Temple, located at Nasik, Maharashtra, India attracts millions of devotees of all religions, castes and creed who come to pay homage to Shri Mhasoba Maharaj. The temple is a beautiful shrine that was built by Late Shri. Laximanrao Kadam. Nasik is a small city in Nasik District of the Maharastra State. It paves way to many fascinating forts and royally graceful temples that possess an aura of exuberance. The main speciality of temple is “Bell”. Metal bells are considered as votive offerings. Here we have to pray for our wish and once our wish is fullfilled we have to tie a Bell in temple. There is no definate size of bell you can tie a very small bell or the size and weight which you want. Currently there are bells weighing from 50 gms to 120 kg. Tuesday and Saturday is the day Mhasoba Maharaj is specially worshipped. On this day devotees come and worship. A deep saffron colour oil-based paste is applied on the sculpture which transforms the mere stone to a sacred worshipping object signifying the buffalo deity. The idealised zoomorphic form (which in some instances does not resemble buffalo) is either carved in a bust size or in a full form of a buffalo. Usually placed in a squatting posture in the temple’s garbhagraha, the buffalo god himself attains a position of the presiding deity. Usually the deity is worshiped by offering marigold flowers, vermillion powder, coconut and sugar candy. The Temple is open for devotees full day. Mhasoba Maharaj Temple is managed by Shri. Dashrath Kadam son of Late. Shri. Laximanrao Kadam  the founder of temple from almost 50 years. The trust ensures that a strict code of conduct is maintained in the temple premises.

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